Ebook Introduction

Make Your Startup Scalable

  • Turning an idea into a viable business model
  • Building cutting-edge technology
  • The power of marketing
  • The impact of design in the tech ecosystem
  • Business Development and Operations
  • Management for Success
  • Finance and Capital: make your business liable
  • Legal Matters


you are about to start the adventure of a lifetime and to translate your startup idea into reality. Being a tech entrepreneur is a high aspiration. Not only will it give you freedom and independence, but it will also create for you and your team, the unique opportunity to enter the race for innovation and to remodel a whole industry. Many people have a great business idea, but only a few will find the right tools to conceptualise it and to turn it into a flourishing business model.

Technology is everywhere. It transformed our daily lives and profoundly changed entrepreneurship as well as consumers habits, behaviours and patterns. No need to say it generated brand new opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Scale-up Your Startup addresses to anyone willing to contribute to tech innovation. Intending to fuel innovation, to share industry insights and to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through all the needed steps to -hopefully- turn their startup into a million dollars scale-up